About S&V

S&V is a company founded in 1997, which is dedicated to integrate and develop intelligent solutions for corporate environments.

Aware of the constant technological evolution focused on electronic identification  –  smartcards,  Intelligent CCTV, biometric identification  by fingerprints or hand geometry  and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) – S&V offers innovative solutions to the market with robustness, performance, safety, reliability and scalability differentials. 

For this purpose, we continuously improve our management and quality model, we invest in continuous improvement programs, QA processes, national and international research and development certifications, in order to satisfy the expectations of our Customers, Shareholders and Partners.

Our Mission

To aggregate value to the business processes by means of development, deployment and maintenance of technological solutions with high reliability for digital data capturing, transfer, storage and processing. 

Our Vision

In the following decades, society will demand sophisticated methods for data processing and integration of information related to identification and security. 

Quality Policy

S&V, according to its Mission and Vision, works within an environment aimed to quality, pursuing:

  • Our customers´ satisfaction;
  • Constant technological innovation;
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • Development of our collaborators qualification, promoting their professional development and providing conditions to serve our customers at the highest standard.

Quality Objectives

To comply with or exceed the expectations agreed with our customers by means of programs to promote excellence in project control and management services and methodology;

To use innovation as one of the bases for sustainable growth, strategically planning to achieve the desired results for customers, shareholders and collaborators; 

To increase the company´s productivity by means of evaluation of the processes and the continuous improvement programs;

To use programs for training, motivation, qualification and target regimen for the collaborators, offering work conditions and transparency for their performance evaluation, sharing the vision about their future within the opportunities, which will surge with the growth of the organization.

National Presence

Situated in the Municipality of São Carlos, the countryside of the State of São Paulo, nationally known for its technological center, S&V built its headquarters with technological base used in its electronic identification products and consulting services for process optimization applying state-of-art technology.

With a large office in São Paulo and branches in more than 10 states, S&V is a company with recognized capacity to operate on the whole national territory.

  • 3,000+ devices installed;
  • 45 active customers;
  • 200,000+ direct users;
  • 10+ million indirect users;
  • 13 states served with a base;
  • National monitoring.



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